Sensory and the Haptic
In society often the body and sences are overlooked and taken for granted. The function of the Brain is seen tobe more important. Sensory engagement and the Haptic is about understanding the ralationship between us and our physical world. Recently designers have been returning to a more natural sensory based style of design.It is instictive and including. The Haptic is when all the senses are engaged at the same time.
In the Post Strucuralist movement there were many designers, artists and thinkers who were called deconstructionists.... they created designs which showed breaking down to commuicate clearly.
In the digital era the screen is too often flat, and linear. Old vestigages cling on to new technology... society needs to change the rules and expectations of time and space. The new digital movement has the potential to explore interactivity for the whole body not just the mind.
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